The Importance of Eid for Muslims

The Importance of Eid for Muslims

Both Eid-ul-fitr and Eid-al-Adha are the most important festivals in the Islamic calendar. The significance of these two occasions is purely spiritual. Eid-ul-fitr means the festival of breaking the feast which is celebrated at the end of the busy month of Ramadan. In some Muslim majority countries, Eid-ul-fitr is marked as a public holiday to give Muslims a conducive chance of reconnecting with Allah.
On the other hand, Eid-al-Adha is the celebration that follows Hajj. It marks the day Allah appeared to Ibrahim in his dreams. Ibrahim was willing to sacrifice his only son as a show of gratitude to Allah. After Allah saw his willingness to sacrifice his only son, he gave him a lamb to sacrifice instead. In order to understand the importance of each holiday, an understanding of all the rituals which underlie each holiday is important.

A day of remembrance

Muslims all over the world makes a fresh start by a plural session of worshiping God. Muslims glorify the name of Allah as remembrance for his favors. Muslims also remember the diseased and the less fortunate in the society. They pray for their souls and extend a helping hand to the needy by simply sharing food, clothing and other material possessions.

Eid is a day of victory

A person who adheres with all the writings of Quran and succeeds in securing his spiritual rights and growth receives Eid with a victorious spirit. A Muslim who duly fulfills all his duties and that who extend a helping hand to other people in the society is the triumphant one. Observing and following closely all the commands of Allah over the month of Ramadan shows that you hold a strong command over your bodily desires. When a Muslim who has successfully observed Ramadan celebrates the Eid, he is celebrating his victory.

A harvest day

In these special celebrations, all the good believers and those Muslims who do good to the humanity reap the fruit of their good deeds. It is the day when Allah grants his mercy, blessings and favors to his faithful believers. The society on the other hand receives the due subscription to religious brotherhood and social responsibility. The subscriptions are paid in the form of sympathy and mutual love.

The day of forgiveness

It is common knowledge that we should forgive our brothers and sisters for wronging us in one way or the other. On these important Islamic occasions, you unload yourself all the heart stopping memories of hatred and anger towards your fellow human being. When Muslim congregate together, they pray and forgive each other. They also seek forgiveness from Allah for the sins they have committed in the entire period.

Eid is a day of peace

Where there’s no peace there is no life. A Muslim is expected to find peace within himself and echo that to the society. They are required to establish peace by observing and obeying the laws and commands of Allah. When a Muslim does this, he has certainly concluded a most inviolable treaty of peace.

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