Who is Steven Universe

Who is Steven Universe

Steven Universe is a show on Cartoon Network about the adventures of a young boy, Steven Universe (or “SU”), who lives with three magical female warriors called the Crystal Gems and holds the power of Rose Quartz. The themes include learning to accept everyone’s differences and finding out what bonds them together, rather than focusing on their differences.

We learn how Steven slowly learns about the Crystal Gems’ past and becomes a more mature person than he was in his early childhood.

The show has been met with critical acclaim for its art, music, voice acting (particularly Zach Callison’s performance as SU), humor, characterization, pacing and the way it “strikes a great balance between simple-minded fun and complex moral themes.”

It has been critically praised for its portrayal of a “coming-of-age story for queer people”, showcasing how the non-traditional family they created together is what motivated them to stay on Earth to fight evil, rather than fulfilling their original mission to protect humanity. It was also praised for avoiding portraying SU’s home as a big happy “queer utopia” by portraying the flaws of its non-traditional family, such as Amethyst’s struggle to reform from her aggressive nature and SU’s coming to terms with his father Rose Quartz being in fact Pink Diamond.

So I noticed that there was a small discussion on Homestuck here and how it was supposedly a controversial series for its depictions of child abuse and triggering content. I am writing this post to warn people who may not be aware that while Steven Universe has some references to death, it is definitely NOT a show about cancer or anything like what HS was accused of being. You will find no offensive material on SU that is anywhere near “cancer-inducing”.

I haven’t read the SU comics, but I would like to point out that while they do show their fair share of gory images, SU is a cartoon. If you’re expecting something mature and graphic like Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead , then you will be terribly disappointed in not only SU, but animation in general. Don’t be a moron and call SU “cancer” just because of the images in the comics.

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