Suede Jacket

What is Suede Leather ?

Suede leather is a type of leather that exhibits a nap or shop. The surface of this type of leather is soft and velvety to the touch, often due to being buffed during the finishing process. Suede leather is made from the underside of the animal skin. This suede leather from a deer was once common in cowboy boots and is now also used in leather Jackets, bomber jackets, leather long coats and duster coats.



Suede Jacket

What causes Genuine Suede  Leather?

Genuine Suede Leather (suede leather) is a type of first-quality drum dyed cowhide.

This drum dyeing process is typically done after the final chrome tanning and finishing operations, but can also be applied in place of any other type of leather dying methods, such as vegetable or aldehyde dying.

The top side (grain side) exhibits all of the characteristics common to full grain leather women shop visible pores, fiber striations, and even natural blemishes.

The bottom side of the leather exhibits some of the characteristics of split grain leather, it is very smooth to the touch with an almost imperceptible nap or pile. This effect is more noticeable on larger hides where lower portions of the skin are placed on top of higher portions during cutting operations, thus displaying more prominent differences between upper and lower sections.


What differentiates Genuine Suede  Leather from regular drum dyed cowhide?

Genuine Suede Leather has a specific process applied during production that imparts a soft-hand feel to this type of leather. It is quite different from suede

leather in that it does not have any of the raw characteristics of regular

suede leathers (i.e. a rough surface, visible fiber seams, etc.)


What is the process used to make Genuine Suede Leather?

First, a chrome tanning solution is applied to the rawhide in order to produce a high

quality leather that would otherwise be suitable for making full grain or corrected grain leathers

Next, this drum dyed cowhide is then soft-washed with an agent that contains fats and other ingredients that impart a sueded affect on this product. This wash also serves to give this type of leather its smooth side out appearance so characteristic of Genuine Suede  Leather.

The resulting drum dyed cowhide exhibits a combination of characteristics found in drum dyed leather and suede leather.

has all of the wearability characteristics of drum dyed leather with the soft-touch feel associated with suede.

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What are some other advantages & uses for Genuine Suede Leather?

This product is used in a variety of applications, ranging from handbags to apparel and accessories. It can also be used to upholster furniture or even to make products that require both an outside and inside liner, such as briefcases, purses, etc.

Genuine Suede Leather has similar characteristics to full grain leather but without

the associated price tag. This makes it well suited for any

application where one would want the look of real leather but at a lower cost

than full grain or corrected grain leathers. The durability factor when

compared with grain leather is slightly less, but still very good.


Are suede jackets worth it?

suede jackets are worth the expense because they are more comfortable than average jackets. Anyone who likes to be warm and cozy on a cool day will enjoy wearing it. Suede is also less likely to wrinkle than wool or cotton so it will last for years if cared for properly.

Suede Leather Jackets

A mens suede jacket is a leather jacket made from the soft, furry underside of a cowhide, generally called “suede”. A suede leather jacket is not the same as a “suede

leather” which is treated with a chemical process to make it resemble

suede, but of an inferior quality.

Suede leather jackets are typically made from lambskin or cowhide. Lambskin is preferred by most designers because of its softness and breath-ability. Whether you choose lambskin or cowhide for your suede leather jacket will depend on your preference.

Sueded, brushed or nubuck leather jackets may also be called “suedette”. Sueding uses brushes to raise the fibers of the material so that it resembles suede. However, this may wear out faster than suedes and can stretch out over time, making the jacket lose its shape. A large percentage of kids and teenagers prefer to wear a cropped suede leather jacket because it makes them feel edgy or is in fashion with their peers at school. Cropped suede jackets are also popular as women’s casual jackets as well as for motorcycle riding. Although some people may find this style unflattering on them, there are those who simply love the look and would not give up wearing it even if they do not fit into this age group or just don’t like how it looks on their body types. The proper thing to do if one doesn’t think that they look good in a particular style is to avoid wearing outfits that will attract too much. Just put your head down and walk away from people who make negative comments about your fashion style. It’s not worth getting upset over what others say, for it is

YOUR life and you live it the way YOU want to live it.

Suede jackets are great in colder weather, because they keep you warm without a lot of bulk. They’re also breathable which means that even on hot days, you’ll be able to stay cool while looking stylish in your fashionable suede jacket. Many celebrities wear suede jackets on their daily lives such as singers Beyonce Knowles and Jennifer Lopez, actress Kirsten Dunst and Project Runway winner Christian Siriano .

What makes these suede jacket so popular by celebrities?

Is it the material itself that’s popular or is it just that these people are constantly in the public eye and thus their fashion choices constantly scrutinised?

Well, to be honest, both reasons contribute to why these celebrities do not go out without wearing suede leather jackets.

After all, no one wants a celebrity spotting a faux pas on their outfit.

Celebrities have stylists who help them choose what to wear and they will always have good taste when it comes to fashion. If you want to look stylish like your favorite celebrities then follow this guide on how to find the best suede leather jackets for you!


Tips on finding the perfect suede coats & jackets for mens:


Keep an open mind – You may think at first that you don’t really have an occasion to wear a suede coats and jackets but, believe it or not, you do. Here are some ideas on what to wear your suede coats and jackets.


Jeans – The classic look of jeans and a tshirt styles never gets boring so why should this get left out? If you find the right shade of blue for your suede coats and jackets then guess what? You can match it up with almost anything else in your closet


Winter Dress & Long Coats

A cool weather Long Suede Coats and jackets and clothing can go well with Winter Dresses clothing especially Dark colors like Brown, Black and Red. Just make sure that the color goes well together by trying them on first. One tip is to avoid wearing bright colors when it comes to mixing prints because it makes it hard to tell if your

clothes styles shop


Sizing – Make sure that the size of your suede leather jacket fits you comfortably but not too tight. You don’t want it to be loose either because then it will make you look like you’re about ten pounds overweight; we’ve all seen those people before and we know how horrible they look. Good thing, I found a helpful illustration on how to tell if your suede leather jacket fits: